The Group's Heavy Crude Processing Refineries (HU001-HV) are a complete, modularised unit ready for installation and designed to be fully erected and operational within 4-8 weeks from arrival at the prepared project site. All equipment is fully warranted for 12 months and includes a process guarantee.


Based on a typical 20° API crude oil, the HU001-HV will process the rated capacity and produce by volume approximately 20% Naphtha, 25% Distillate, and 55% Residuum using Atmospheric distillation. The Naphtha and Diesel are then sent to storage while the residue is further processed using a Vacuum Distillation Unit(VDU). Operating under a Vacuum allows for reduced boiling points and further products can be yielded. Standard Products from the VDU are LVGO, HVGO and VR.


Actual processing capacities will vary depending on the characteristics of the feedstock used.







The Company can also provide the optional equipment required for further processing of the product streams such as Distillate, Hydrotreaters, Catalytic Reformers, Vacuum Units and Naphtha Stabilizers.


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Modular Refineries

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